Monday October 2, 2023


Su 01102023: Creation of the PerfectPower Instagram account!


Th 28092023: PerfectPower officially compatible with RaceBox devices!


Update of the Android (FR/EN) and iOS (FR/EN) guides in progress, to date there remains:

- Adding images

This work - much longer than expected - will be performed on Tuesday October 3, 2023, thank you for your patience.


Revision of the Results section in progress, now classified by cars and not results for the sake of simplification and clarity of presentation.

- Audi S2 David PerfectPower: Up to date FR, EN translation on Tuesday October 3, 2023

- Honda CRX Compressor David PerfectPower: Up to date FR, EN translation on Tuesday October 3, 2023

- Kwingo Turbo Edouard PerfectPower: FR review on Monday October 2, 2023, EN translation on Tuesday October 3, 2023


Services proposal in New York (mapping on Honda)


In the next weeks (in France):


1) Discussion with Google and Apple on the eventual possibility of creating PerfectPower promotional codes for certain categories of people (subscribers of the Ed TrackDay Youtube channel, owners of RaceBox Mini, owners of PerfExpert and DynoPro)

2) Other procedures kept secret for the moment

3) Launch of two friendly challenges at 10,000 euros intended to simply illustrate that PerfectPower will never be equaled in the field of accuracy of engine power and torque results, neither by any chassis dynamometer (even the most sophisticated), nor by any other on-board power and performances measurement system (PerfExpert, DynoPro, PowerDyn, etc...). In short, the future belongs to PerfectPower, and all intelligent people have understood this for a long time!

4) Re-opening of the "PerfectPower Vs Dynos" section as part of the restructuring of the site

5) Writing of the famous PerfectPower - Dyno comparison showing the perfect equality of results between PerfectPower and the most efficient chassis dynamometer on the market, the Rotronics Autoscan FI 4x4 synchronized (120,000 euros new), and in which I will reveal why PerfectPower is in fact the real winner of this comparison!

6) Publication of a reference article on chassis dynamometers intended to put the church back in the middle of the village -French expression meaning to put things back in place- (these equipments, although very practical and very effective in engine development, are far from being accuracy models in engine power and torque results...)

7) Publication of a QUIZ "Test your knowledges about chassis dynamometers"

8) Measurement session in September of several BMW M3 (E46 and E92) on the Rotronics Autoscan FI 4x4 synchronized dyno of Digiservices 77

NOTE: All these cars have already been measured by me with PerfectPower with results guaranteed accurate to +- 1% (driving of the RaceBox Mini, average of two measurements performed in both directions of the road), and some have also been passed on other dynos at the initiative of their owners with results sometimes correct (another Rotronics dyno in the 58 and the Cartec dyno from BR Performance in the 77) sometimes aberrant (a MI System dyno of which I will not mention the name of the garage so as not to penalize it but which should seriously think about its equipment and/or the way it uses it!), but once again PerfectPower will impose itself as justice of peace... As the ad says, "However, it's easy not to be wrong"!

9) Development of PerfectPower Android 6.2 and PerfectPower iOS 5.2


I) PerfectPower Androïd

II) PerfectPower iOS

III) Tests

IV) Website

V) Miscellaneous (services proposal, future developments, projects)


I) PerfectPower Androïd



Report of version 6.1.5 released on Su 30/07/2023 at 6.34 pm (Paris time)

1) For RaceBox Mini & Mini S users: Taking into account old low-end Android phones that badly support several Bluetooth communications at the same time thanks to a specific management of split data packets

2) Aesthetic optimizations:

A) Power graphs (result, comparison, averaging):

- White screen background: New PerfectPower logo with white background, identically resuming the design of the original logo with black background

- Repositioning of the PerfectPower logo and header texts in portrait and landscape mode

B) Removal of the Action bar


Report of version 6.2 which will be released during August 2023

1) Unlocking the "GPS only" measurement mode (power & accelerations & braking measurements), allowing to get rid of constraints of the accelerometer, and therefore allowing:

- to completely free the phone from any mounting requirements (stability, vibration level, positioning)

- to carry out measurements on a road in poor condition, even if this is not recommended from a strict performances point of view, the rolling resistance (and the air resistance to a lesser extent) being seriously increased and variably over time

- to perform power measurements on a rolling start (indeed, the specific calibration phase at standstill is no longer necessary!)

- to no longer have to carry out the difficult specific calibration phase while driving for braking measurements

However, the use of the RaceBox Mini is essential to use this mode, the internal GPS of phones still limited to 1 Hz in 2023 being still far too slow!

2) Adding a function of power results correction on road slope, with indication of the road slope and the correction applied.

Idem, the use of the RaceBox Mini is essential to use this function, the internal GPS of phones being much too inaccurate for an accurate correction!

3) Improvement of ergonomics (new menu bar at the top or bottom -under consideration-, separation Main measurements / Secondary measurements in the main screen) and aesthetics (addition of logos associated with the types of measurements carried out, implementation of two meters: instantaneous speed, instantaneous power)


II) PerfectPower iOS



Report of version 5.1 released on Su 09/07/2023 at 0.23 am (Paris time)

As part of the porting of the V6 Android version to the V5 iOS version:

1) Addition of the function of power results correction on the measurement end max speed (very useful in case of poor GPS reception)

2) Increased the maximum number of results per type (power, accelerations, runs flying start) and per car from 10 to 20

3) Replacement of the old function of automatic recovery of weather data (versions <= 4.1) by a function of manual recovery of these data in real time and by geolocation on the reference weather site "The Weather Channel"

Note: The reasons for this choice are as follows:

- The last weather server used for the automatic recovery of weather data stopped its service overnight, a mishap that I would prefer not to see repeated...

- This type of service is chargeable beyond a certain number of connections per day, which would force me to have to pass on this additional cost to PerfectPower users, whereas it takes no more than... 20 seconds to complete yourself your own weather data (pressure, temperature, and humidity) with the new manual recovery system that I propose, including in particular the automatic conversion of the atmospheric pressure given at sea level (by standardization) into the local pressure on your measurement road: so I think this solution is the most advantageous for everyone!


Report of version 5.2 which will be released during August 2023

As part of the porting of the V6 Android version to the V5 iOS version:

1) Implementation of a new and much more efficient memory management system, allowing a large increase in the maximum number of cars (currently 20) and results per type (power, accelerations, runs flying start) and per car (currently 20), and above all the much-awaited import/export of data between phones

2) Addition of the function of recalculation of the power results after measurement (very useful in case of incorrect initial configuration of the Setup data and/or the Car sheet)

3) Addition of 2 warnings to the automated control system for power and acceleration measurements: GPS receiver working, GPS accuracy

4) Aesthetic improvements (addition of logos associated with the types of measurements carried out, implementation of two meters: instantaneous speed, instantaneous power)


III) Tests


A) Comparison PerfectPower / Dyno Rotronics Autoscan FI 4x4 synchronized: A perfect equality !

(+ the revelation of the real winner of this comparison...)


B) Comparison PerfectPower / RaceBox Mini: The duel of the giants !

(2 hundredths of a second difference on a 0 - 200 km/h !!!)


Publication very soon of a comparative test of the accelerations of my Audi S2 measured simultaneously with PerfectPower & SkyPro XGPS 160 10 Hz and with RaceBox & RaceBox Mini 25 Hz. 2 hundredths difference on a... 0 to 200 km/h (0 to 124 mph), knowing that PerfectPower has long proven that it is the most powerful power and performance calculation and measurement program in the world and that before the arrival of the RaceBox Mini the SkyPro XGPS 160 regularly won Internet comparisons of external GPS, this proves two things:

- The excellence of the calculations of the RaceBox software for the acceleration measurements, obviously very similar to the calculations of PerfectPower (each naturally keeping its secrets, even if we have of course exchanged on this subject and that we both refine the ultra-accurate detection of the starting point with the accelerometer...)

- AND of course the excellence of their RaceBox Mini, of course even better than the SkyPro XGPS 160 since much faster (25 Hz against 10 Hz) and much more accurate (0.3 m (1 ft) of average horizontal precision against 2.5 m (8.2 ft))!


IV) Website


The website is being restructured and in particular it is acquiring a multilingual management system (English, French, and Russian), and it will not be fully operational until September 2023, thank you for your patience.


V) Miscellaneous


A) Services proposal


To all garage managers specializing in Honda based in New York or in the area


I offer my help to carry out the mapping of any Honda equipped with a Hondata S300 or K-Pro ECU. I have 5 years of experience in the field in France (2018-2023) where I was entrusted with projects ranging from a 130 hp D16A9 atmo (N/A) to (soon) a K24 Turbo from 800 to 1000 hp, through K20 Turbo from 300 to 500 hp.


I just need a full day per car & project to perform an optimal tuning of the engine (performance AND reliability) and all the necessary checks, however it will also be necessary for a mechanic to check all the mechanical and electrical (harness) part of the car before I can carry out the mapping, having enough experience to know that 9 times out of 10 there is a problem at this level (anyway in France).


You can contact me by email for any information (Contact section).


B) Future developments (PerfectPower Android and iOS 7.x)


1) Export data to a CSV file

2) Optimization of the memory management, allowing the import / export of data between phones

3) Optimization of the performances simulation:

- Optimization of the grip limit calculation with modern sport tires (I will lead my own tests with my cars)

- Automatic delivery of reference flying start runs measurements following a power measurement:

25-50 mph & 40-80kph

50-75 mph & 80-120 kph

60-120 mph & 100-200 kph (if the car can of course)

4) Adding the informative fields "Engine inertia", "Wheels inertia", and "Total inertia" in the car sheets and the power results sheets

5) Adding the informative fields "Engine power at rev limiter" and "Estimated tire slip" in the power results sheets


C) Projects


Conversion to E85 of a BMW M3 E46 compressor (+ 67 hp!!!)


Dates: Fr 03/02/2023 (day 1) + XX xx/02/2023 (day 2)

Location: Digi 77 (has a Rotronics Autoscan FI 4x4 synchronized chassis dynamometer, the market reference)

Car: BMW M3 E46 equipped with an ESS Tuning compressor kit - Leni


Project: Conversion to E85 and optimization of the electronic management of this BMW M3 E46 compressor

Members of the PerfectPower group in charge of the project: David & Vincent


Work done (day 1):

- Reference measurements with unleaded 98 with ESS Tuning mapping

- Search for optimization of VANOS settings (we did not do better)

- Conversion to E85 (including change of fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator)

- Optimization of injection settings (we did slightly better)


Work done (day 2):

- Optimization of ignition settings

- Final measurements with E85 with our PerfectPower mapping


Results measured on day 1 with unleaded 98 with ESS Tuning mapping (claimed at 540 hp)

493.5 ch @ 7735 rpm (= 486.7 hp @ 7735 rpm)

477.0 Nm @ 6654 rpm (= 351.8 lb.ft @ 6654 rpm)


Note: Regardless of the difference between the power actually measured and that claimed by ESS Tuning which may have various explanations, Vincent and I (who have been working for years on the maps of these S54B32 engines) would like to point out that the map they have developed has been remarkably worked on, especially on the VANOS (we have not succeeded in improving their adjustment!), and has nothing to do with the vast majority of what we observe coming from France with people claiming to be "specialists" of these engines... It's still nice to see that there are truly competent and serious people in this world!


Results measured on day 2 with E85 with our PerfectPower mapping

Coming soon...


Ready for reference measurements with unleaded 98 with ESS Tuning mapping!


Search for optimization of VANOS settings between 5000 and 8000 rpm


Search for optimization of injection settings (with rev limiter voluntarily set to 7000 rpm) (1/2)


Search for optimization of injection settings (with rev limiter voluntarily set to 7000 rpm) (2/2)


VIDE0 (reference measurement with unleaded 98 with ESS Tuning mapping)



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