IMPORTANT: PerfectPower is fully managed from its beginnings in 2012 by a single person, myself its creator, and I can therefore only answer to requests concerning exclusively the use of PerfectPower, and only by email via the application or the contact form soon available on this page, thank you for everyone's understanding.


My contact details (since November 2021)

David Mettey

Union City, New Jersey, USA


Contact by email only

- From the application: Press the Email contact button located at the very bottom of the Setup screen, accessible by pressing the Setup icon located in the main screen (middle icon, the 3rd).

- From the website: Contact form soon available.


Days & Hours of availability for email contact

Every day except Sunday from 10am to noon New York & East Coast time, i.e.:

7am to 9am Los Angeles & West Coast time

3pm to 5pm UK & Western European time

4pm to 6pm France & Central European time

5pm to 7pm Ukraine & Eastern European time

6pm to 8pm Moscow & Western Russia time


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