PerfectPower gives you access to the most reliable and comprehensive automotive database in the world, both by the number of cars it contains (hundreds of thousands!), and by the number of technical data for each car!


Automobile-Catalog Database


Note 1: It is to this database that you must refer to enter the 8 basic data of your Car sheet necessary for power measurements:

- Car weight

- Engine Displacement

- Number of cylinders

- Transmission

- Tyres dimension

- Gear ratios

- Final ratio

- Cd.A


Note 2: The data in this database being those of strictly original cars, you may need to customize them if your car is not completely original (car weight, tyres dimension, etc)


Note 3: Here are important notes regarding some of these parameters:

- The car weight given in the Automobile-Catalog is the weight announced by the manufacturer (curb weight, which means without occupants or baggages... BUT with all fluids and in particular the full tank of fuel), but alas the manufacturer weights are sometimes optimistic (and in a very variable way according to the manufacturers / models...), and it can be useful in certain cases to weigh your car on a precision scale (especially if it has been modified!) or to look for its true weight on specialized websites such as those of car magazines which often weigh cars on precision scales, and according to the same standard as the manufacturer.

- Remember to take into account the level of fuel present in the car at the time of the measurements! An example: your car is announced at 1300 kg with the full tank, but you only have half a tank of 60 L ==> you will have to enter 1300 - [(60-30) * 0.75] = 1277.5 kg or 1277 kg rounded (note: calculation with conventional gasoline of average density 0.75)

- The Tyres dimension to enter is always that of the drive wheels, and for a four-wheel drive it is always that of the rear tyres (and whether the fit is symmetrical or asymmetrical)

- The number of gear ratios has been deliberately limited to 7 in the application, which covers well over 99% of the cars in circulation on the planet, thank you for your understanding! In any case, the power measurements only having to be performed in 2nd or 3rd gear with a serial car, the setting of all the other gears is only used for the performances simulator, and not setting gears 8 and + on a gearbox with more than 7 gears will make absolutely no difference on the results provided by the simulator, with the only possible exception of the max speed.

- It is possible with PerfectPower not to have to configure the gearbox and final ratios by carrying out a procedure identical in all respects to that systematically used on chassis dynamometers: the rev calibration (guide, chapter IV-6)

- It is also possible with PerfectPower not to have to configure the Cd.A by choosing to use the losses calculation mode by measure in coastdown for power measurements (guide, chapter I). However, this procedure is not specially recommended because of the relative difficulty of implementation on open road, not to mention that it is not possible in any case with an automatic gearbox.

- Specific links to this database concerning very popular sports cars will be gradually added to this database, with additional information such as their actual weight (accurate to the nearest kg) measured or with the PerfectPower precision scale, or by car magazines.

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