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PerfectPower App Privacy Policy

- Application developer: David METTEY

- Person to contact on privacy issues: David METTEY, by email via the application (SETUP page, Contact button)

- The one and only sensitive and personal user data accessed by the PerfectPower application is the GPS position, and it uses this data ONLY to perform the functions for which it was developed: the measurement of the standardized engine power, the accelerations standing and flying start, the braking, and the maximum speed of your car, the calculation of the gearbox ratios of this one by rev calibration, the measurement of the losses of this one in free-wheeling, the simulation of the performances of this one (indirectly after a power measurement), and finally the measurement of your lap times on track.

Moreover, it does not collect or share with anyone or anything the various GPS positions taken when it is active, and it instantly stops taking them when it is in the background.

And finally, it NEVER saves them in the permanent memory of the phone.

- These GPS positions however are not encrypted in the application, but this is not a privacy issue since as said above these data are used only for calculation purposes AND only when the application is active, and they are NEVER stored in the permanent memory of the phone.

- These GPS positions therefore transit ONLY in the RAM of the phone and ONLY while the application is active, they are NEVER in the permanent memory of the phone, and they are instantly deleted from this RAM as soon as the application is in the background or of course closed.

1) Car

2) PerfectPower weighing

3) PerfectPower sheet

4) PerfectPower results

5) Videos


1) Car


Car: Renault Twingo 1.2 16V (201x) with K20 engine (Honda Civic Type-R) + turbo - Edouard

Engine: 2.0 16V (L4) (K20A2) + turbo GT30

Manufacturer data: 197 hp @ 7400 rpm - 145 lb.ft @ 5900 rpm (K20A2)

ECU: Hondata K-PRO (programmable)

Mapping (Edouard & David): Optimized on Injection & VTEC & VTC, slight margin on Ignition

Mechanical setup: Turbo conversion with numerous adaptations - Turbo boost set at 1.0 bar (14.5 PSI)

Fuel: E85 (E65 checked in reality!)




2) PerfectPower weighing 


Date: Fr 21102022

Location: Edouard's garage (DL Automobile) (France - 45)


- Weighing with full tank

- 987 kg = 2176 lb



3) PerfectPower sheet



4) PerfectPower results


Date: Fr 16122022

Location: France - 45

Note: Measurements performed:

- With 2 people on board (Edouard & David) and with full tank

- With 190/580 competition slick tires (equivalent in road dimensions: 190/52R15)

- In 5th gear from 2000 to 8100 rpm (rev limiter), since at this power level (415 hp), it was impossible for us to measure it either in 2 or in 3 or even in 4 due to insufficient grip!

- In both directions of the road then averaging of these two measurements according to the strict recommendation of PerfectPower in order to eliminate the effects of road slope and wind, and this even if in our case we have a perfectly flat measurement track and that no wind was blowing that day

- With the assistance of a 10 Hz external GPS (SkyPro XGPS160) communicating in bluetooth with PerfectPower and the use of the WIXGEAR universal magnetic windshield mount according to the strict recommandation of PerfectPower for the most accurate measurements possible




5) Videos


The Kwingo Turbo in "Jess'aye ta caisse" (french Youtube channel) (January 5, 2023)

The Kwingo Turbo on track (Lurcy-Levis (France)) - Short video (30 Octobre 2022)

The Kwingo Turbo on track (Lurcy-Levis (France)) - Long video (30 Octobre 2022)


Soon available

IMPORTANT: PerfectPower is fully managed from its beginnings in 2012 by a single person, myself its creator, and I can therefore only answer to requests concerning exclusively the use of PerfectPower, and only by email via the website or the application, thank you for everyone's understanding.


My contact details (since November 2021)

David Mettey

Union City, New Jersey, USA


Contact by email only

- From the website: You can reach me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

- From the application: Press the Email contact button located at the very bottom of the Setup screen, accessible by pressing the Setup icon located in the main screen (middle icon, the 3rd)


Days & Hours of permanent availability for email contact

Every day except Sunday from 10am to noon New York & East Coast time, i.e.:

7am to 9am Los Angeles & West Coast time

3pm to 5pm UK & Western European time

4pm to 6pm France & Central European time

5pm to 7pm Ukraine & Eastern European time

6pm to 8pm Moscow & Western Russia time


I have reserved these slots for my after-sales service: so, if you contact me during these time slots, you are certain to have an immediate response. However, I can still be reached outside of these slots, but working in the afternoon on Android and iOS development as well as on the site or even on cars for which I set the electronic management and reserving my evening for hobbies and sleeping at night even if little, thank you for understanding that the answer will not necessarily be instantaneous!


Soon available

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