I) Car

II) PerfectPower Weighing

III) PerfectPower Sheet

IV) PerfectPower Results

     1) Power - 13102023 (190 hp & NewBase Map)


I) Car


Car: Honda CRX 1.6i-16 ED9 (1992) with compressor - David

Engine: 1.6 16V (L4) (D16A9) + compressor Jackson Racing

Manufacturer data: 128 hp @ 6800 rpm - 105 lb.ft @ 5700 rpm

ECU: Hondata S300 V3 (programmable)

Mapping (David): NewBase Map (new base to redo an optimal development on this car that I had tuned in 2020 and that I repurchased in 2023)

Mechanical setup: Compressor conversion with numerous adaptations

Fuel: E85


Chassis setup: Track preparation - Toyo R888R 205/50R15 semi-slick tires


Note: As mentioned in the description above, this car is prepared for the track, and it also has a compressor and Hondata S300 V3 programmable management. I bought it on Saturday September 16, 2023, and it is the new PerfectPower showcase! Edouard and I are just going to review and optimize the compressor conversion and track preparation in 2024 to make it a formidable machine!



Sat 16092023 - France (95)


 Sat 16092023 - France (95)


II) PerfectPower Weighing


Date: Sun 19072020

Lieu: France - 95

Note: Weighing with full tank (45 L)


857 kg = 1889 lb 


III) PerfectPower Sheet



IV) PerfectPower Results


1) Power - 13102023


Date: Fri 13102023

Location: France - 45 (PerfectPower test track)


Car configuration: NewBase Map (= Max Map of Sat 29042023 restricted: ignition advances reduced, rev limiter lowered by 200 rpm -6800 rpm instead of 7000-)


Software: PerfectPower Androïd 6.1.5 (new version)

Hardware: Xiaomi MI 8 + RaceBox Mini 25 Hz driven by PerfectPower


Report: Two measurements performed for the validation of the results of the NewBase map:

- With 1 people on board (David) and with full tank (45 L)

- In 3rd gear from 2000 to 6800 rpm (rev limiter)

- With the use of the WIXGEAR universal magnetic windshield mount according to the strict recommendation of PerfectPower for the most accurate measurements possible

- In both directions of the road then averaging of these two measurements according to the strict recommendation of PerfectPower in order to eliminate the effects of road slope and wind, and this even if in my case I have a perfectly flat measurement track and that no wind was blowing that day


Note 1: The objective of this NewBase map is in no way to produce maximum results, but only to create a new base to redo an optimal development on this car that I had tuned in 2020 (development of the Max map) and which was measured on the JS Performance dyno (France) on Sat 29042023 with this Max map at 205 ch (202 hp) and 228 Nm (168 lb.ft) (photo below). However, as said at the beginning of the article, Edouard and I are going to review and optimize the compressor conversion during 2024 with the objective of course of exceeding these 205 ch (202 hp) and 228 Nm (168 lb.ft)!



Note 2: The E85 used for this session was E70 verified in reality!



Comparison of the two measurements



Official Result = Average of the two measurements



Note 1: With 190 hp and 164 lb.ft rounded, the NewBase map is therefore 12 hp and 4 lb.ft from the results obtained on the dyno on Sat 29042023 with the Max map (202 hp and 168 lb.ft rounded), which is superbly consistent with the restriction carried out, more penalizing for the max power than the max torque with the rev limiter lowered by 200 rpm (from 7000 to 6800) on an engine where the max power is still skyrocketing at the moment of the rev limiter!


Note 2: The rev limiter includes a pre-limit with a progressive reduction in ignition advances to protect the engine as it approaches the rev limiter, although this is hardly visible on the curves as the power is still in full ascending phase at this moment!


Note 3: To be honest, I had planned to make a video for the power measurements as I had done with my Audi S2, but in the current state of the chassis settings of this CRX, it was simply unthinkable to do not hold the steering wheel with both hands during power measurements!!! And yet I'm not cold in my eyes (French expression), I can slide the back of my S2 at 180 km/h (112 mph) chrono and play with it as I want, but for the moment this CRX needs adjustments, and this is why Edouard and I are going to seriously work on it during 2024!






PerfectPower + RaceBox + Hondata = The heaven of engine adjustments!


 The Hondata in action


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