I) Car

II) PerfectPower Weighing

III) PerfectPower Sheet

IV) PerfectPower Results

     1) Power - 06052023 (335 hp) (PerfectPower mapping)


I) Car


Car: BMW M3 E46 (2005) - Laurent

Engine: 3.2 24V (L6) (S54B32)

Manufacturer data: 338 hp @ 7900 rpm - 269 lb.ft @ 4900 rpm

ECU: Siemens MSS 54 HP (original of BMW M3 E46 CSL)

Mapping (David & Vincent): Optimized this day by David and Vincent (PerfectPower group)

Mechanical setup: Intake (Karbonius airbox)

Fuel: UL 98


II) PerfectPower Weighing


Date: Sat 06052023

Location: France - 45

Note: Weighing with 7/8 of the tank (55 L)


1560 kg = 3439 lb 


Note: Mass recalculated with full tank = 1566 kg (3452 lb)


III) PerfectPower Sheet



IV) PerfectPower Results


1) Power - 06052023


Date: Sat 06052023

Location: France - 45


Car configuration: Optimization of the mapping by David and Vincent (PerfectPower group)


Software: PerfectPower Androïd 6.1.2 (new version)

Hardware: Xiaomi MI 8 + RaceBox Mini 25 Hz driven by PerfectPower


Report: Two measurements performed for the validation of the results of each map tested:

- With 3 people on board (Laurent & Vincent & David) and with 7/8 of the tank (55 L)

- In 2nd gear from 2000 to 8200 rpm (rev limiter)

- With the use of the WIXGEAR universal magnetic windshield mount according to the strict recommendation of PerfectPower for the most accurate measurements possible

- In both directions of the road then averaging of these two measurements according to the strict recommendation of PerfectPower in order to eliminate the effects of road slope and wind (road used in false flat, 8 to 10 hp difference between the two directions)


Note: This tuning session was the 1st carried out with the RaceBox Mini (after years with the already excellent SkyPro XGPS 160), and all the measurements carried out were of an absolutely flawless accuracy (even including on one measurement the detection of a drop of 5 hp between 7300 and 8200 rpm due to a knocking detection on two cylinders generating a sharp drop in ignition advance on these two cylinders which should result in a calculated overall power drop of... 5 hp!), allowing the optimal tuning of this M3 E46 in a record time, even shorter than this we would have taken on dyno if we take into account the (significant!) time of complete installation of the car on the dyno (centering, strapping, rev calibration, eventual calibration of the brake level, etc...): very frankly, with the sole exception of the particular case of extreme cars that can not be driven on road, using a chassis dynamometer in 2023 or later when you can use the PerfectPower + RaceBox couple being even more efficient and incomparably cheaper is no longer justified, whether for a simple power & torque measurement or for a complete adjustment, and it is obvious that all true enthusiasts and connoisseurs will understand this perfectly...


A) Final map


Comparison of the two measurements



Official Result = Average of the two measurements



Note: The whole tuning session was done with the air conditioning on, but unfortunately we didn't think of doing two new final measurements with the air conditioning off to see if that changed the results or not! Indeed, on some cars, the air conditioning compressor is disengaged in full load, and on others not... BUT Vincent and I will do this test as soon as the next M3 E46 is tuned, and we will give the results here!


B) Comparison BEFORE (Map 1) / AFTER (Final map)


Official results of each map


Note: Map 1 is not a starting map, it is a map already optimized on the injection settings! Vincent and I who have years of experience on these engines (we have adjusted dozens of them) do not need to carry out PerfectPower measurements to optimize injection, so we only start them afterwards.


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