Wednesday November 29, 2023


News of the day

As incredible as it may seem, there is no possibility of creating "discounted application" type promotional codes neither on Android nor on iOS (only "free application" type promotional codes), so I regret to announce that I will not be able to create such codes for subscribers of the Ed TrackDay Youtube channel and owners of RaceBox Mini and PerfExpert, thank you for your understanding!



Thu 30112023 - Sun 10122023: Complete update of the FR website + Inauguration of a new "New generation" (ultra-synthetic) website linked to this one

Mon 11122023 - Sun 17122023: Complete update of the EN website

Mon 18122023: Resumption of the development of PerfectPower Android 6.2 & iOS 5.2



Sat 07102023: 1st Instagram publication from PerfectPower!

Sun 01102023: Creation of the PerfectPower Instagram account! perfectpower747

Thu 28092023: PerfectPower officially compatible with RaceBox devices!


Services proposal in New York (mapping on Honda)


I) PerfectPower Androïd

II) PerfectPower iOS

III) Miscellaneous (services proposal, future developments, projects)


I) PerfectPower Androïd



Report of version 6.2 which will be released during December 2023

1) Unlocking the "GPS only" measurement mode (power & accelerations & braking measurements), allowing to get rid of constraints of the accelerometer, and therefore allowing:

- to completely free the phone from any mounting requirements (stability, vibration level, positioning)

- to carry out measurements on a road in poor condition, even if this is not recommended from a strict performances point of view, the rolling resistance (and the air resistance to a lesser extent) being seriously increased and variably over time

- to perform power measurements on a rolling start (indeed, the specific calibration phase at standstill is no longer necessary!)

- to no longer have to carry out the difficult specific calibration phase while driving for braking measurements

However, the use of the RaceBox Mini is essential to use this mode, the internal GPS of phones still limited to 1 Hz in 2023 being still far too slow!

2) Adding a function of power results correction on road slope, with indication of the road slope and the correction applied.

Idem, the use of the RaceBox Mini is essential to use this function, the internal GPS of phones being much too inaccurate for an accurate correction!

3) Improvement of ergonomics (new menu bar at the top or bottom -under consideration-, separation Main measurements / Secondary measurements in the main screen) and aesthetics (addition of logos associated with the types of measurements carried out, implementation of two meters: instantaneous speed, instantaneous power)


II) PerfectPower iOS



Report of version 5.2 which will be released during December 2023

As part of the porting of the V6 Android version to the V5 iOS version:

1) Implementation of a new and much more efficient memory management system, allowing a large increase in the maximum number of cars (currently 20) and results per type (power, accelerations, runs flying start) and per car (currently 20), and above all the much-awaited import/export of data between phones

2) Addition of the function of recalculation of the power results after measurement (very useful in case of incorrect initial configuration of the Setup data and/or the Car sheet)

3) Addition of 2 warnings to the automated control system for power and acceleration measurements: GPS receiver working, GPS accuracy

4) Aesthetic improvements (addition of logos associated with the types of measurements carried out, implementation of two meters: instantaneous speed, instantaneous power)


III) Miscellaneous


A) Services proposal


To all garage managers specializing in Honda based in New York or in the area


I offer my help to carry out the mapping of any Honda equipped with a Hondata S300 or K-Pro ECU. I have 5 years of experience in the field in France (2018-2023) where I was entrusted with projects ranging from a 130 hp D16A9 atmo (N/A) to (soon) a K24 Turbo from 800 to 1000 hp, through K20 Turbo from 300 to 500 hp.


I just need a full day per car & project to perform an optimal tuning of the engine (performance AND reliability) and all the necessary checks, however it will also be necessary for a mechanic to check all the mechanical and electrical (harness) part of the car before I can carry out the mapping, having enough experience to know that 9 times out of 10 there is a problem at this level (anyway in France).


You can contact me by email for any information (Contact section).


B) Future developments (PerfectPower Android and iOS 7.x)


1) Export data to a CSV file

2) Optimization of the memory management, allowing the import / export of data between phones

3) Optimization of the performances simulation:

- Optimization of the grip limit calculation with modern sport tires (I will lead my own tests with my cars)

- Automatic delivery of reference flying start runs measurements following a power measurement:

25-50 mph & 40-80kph

50-75 mph & 80-120 kph

60-120 mph & 100-200 kph (if the car can of course)

4) Adding the informative fields "Engine inertia", "Wheels inertia", and "Total inertia" in the car sheets and the power results sheets

5) Adding the informative fields "Engine power at rev limiter" and "Estimated tire slip" in the power results sheets


C) Projects


1) Creation of PerfectPower Motorcycles (adaptation of PerfectPower to motorcycles)

2) Creation of PerfectPower Bicycles (adaptation of PerfectPower to bicycles, with the measurement of instantaneous and average muscular power during a sprint)

3) Creation of PerfectPower Sprinters (adaptation of PerfectPower to sprinters, with the measurement of instantaneous and average muscular power during a sprint)


I've had these projects in mind for years, but I would first like to completely finalize PerfectPower before launching them, so they should only see the light of day in 2024.


Note: Although the use of the RaceBox Mini will not be essential for PerfectPower Motorcycles (just as it is not for PerfectPower), it will however be essential for the two other projects, thank you for your understanding!


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